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Greenhealth Approved logoHospitals utilize thousands of products each day, and many factors drive these product selections. Some products have lengthy supply chains involving many different manufacturers, complicating the decision-making process. Add in sustainability considerations and the growing concern about the presence of toxic chemicals, and identifying products that meet operations and sustainability goals can be daunting.

The Greenhealth Approved seal helps you find products that meet sustainability criteria and simplifies purchasing them through existing procurement processes. 

Greenhealth Approved also works to educate health care providers and suppliers on how products can be developed to be less impactful on human and environmental health.


The Greenhealth Approved seal indicates a product has been reviewed against a set of sustainability criteria aligned with eligible product categories. The seal was developed to help health care providers make purchasing decisions that further sustainability goals. Choosing products that carry the seal reduces the research burden for health care staff.

Research, resources, and support from our affiliated organizations, Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, make the case for prioritizing sustainable products.


Products carrying the Greenhealth Approved seal have been evaluated against sustainability criteria appropriate for the category. They also have been reviewed by providers at partner hospitals within the Practice Greenhealth and Greenhealth Exchange network to ensure the Greenhealth Approved seal is not only a product that meets sustainability criteria, but also functions in clinical settings.

The seal enables health care providers to purchase these products using their existing supply chain procurement strategies. Local contracting, GPO compliance, and use of distributors can still be prioritized while selecting and procuring Greenhealth Approved products.


How we set product criteria: Greenhealth Approved’s criteria are developed by Practice Greenhealth and Health Care Without Harm. Criteria vary by sustainability topic and product category, allowing for targeted vetting focused on relevant information, ingredients, or components for each product being reviewed.

How we review products: The Greenhealth Approved vetting process includes collecting information that pertains to the product category criteria  and sustainability issue each product addresses. That information is then reviewed against our criteria. Products that meet those criteria are permitted to license the Greenhealth Approved seal.

Greenhealth Approved is now reviewing applications for medical products, carpet, resilient flooring, and furnishings that meet safer chemicals criteria.



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