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Using products with the Greenhealth Approved seal enables hospitals to focus their sustainability efforts on improving resilience and efficiency instead of on researching products, so staff can concentrate on other sustainability strategies. Products that carry the Greenhealth Approved seal can be sourced with the confidence that healthcare providers are moving sustainable purchasing goals forward.

Greenhealth Approved products can also be easily tracked in procurement master files and highlighted as a part of your community benefit statement.

In addition to the benefits to your health care organization, staff, and patients, purchasing products with the Greenhealth Approved seal gives manufacturers evidence that the market for products that address quality, safety, outcomes, and sustainability exists. This will accelerate market transformation, spurring more rapid development of products that reduce negative impacts on human and environmental health.

Revenue from Greenhealth Approved also helps fund research and review of more products as we continue to establish and globalize procurement criteria and leverage health care’s purchasing power to drive policies and markets for ethically produced, healthy, sustainable products and services.

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