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What suppliers need to know 

Get the Greenhealth Approved seal

A Few Easy Steps

Suppliers will want to begin with this list, which outlines the steps to obtain the seal. This process will ensure Greenhealth Approved has all the necessary information to begin qualifying your products for the seal.


Step One

Review the criteria that apply to your products and determine which products are eligible for the seal.


Step Two

Download and complete the product information form for the relevant category. Complete the application and upload the completed product information form.


Step Three

Once your application is submitted, Greenhealth Approved will be in touch.


Step Four

After the product has been evaluated for eligibility and qualified, you will receive vetting and licensing agreements.*


Step Five

Upon execution of the agreements, you will receive notice of documentation and disclosures required to begin the vetting process.


For products not within one of the Greenhealth Approved product categories, please complete the application and select “other” for product type where prompted. We will contact you to evaluate if category expansion is appropriate and in alignment with our mission.

*Review times will vary. Submission of a product for review is not an indication of future licensing.

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