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Learn about the Greenhealth Approved seal

Why get Greenhealth Approved?

The Greenhealth Approved seal represents a non-biased review of environmental criteria created by experts working in health care sustainability. Products with the seal are easier to identify, and current and prospective customers can differentiate them from competitor’s products.

Products featuring the Greenhealth Approved seal:


  1. Help customers easily identify your products as reviewed and vetted for multiple sustainability features. (Most products have a single-sustainability characteristic, but we review the product in its entirety.)

  2. Accelerate evaluation and purchase of products.

  3. Assist your sales team in highlighting sustainability.

  4. Capture better brand/sustainability identity in the market.

  5. Speak directly to patients about the benefits and value of your products.

  6. Signal higher value in the market.


Learn how to get the Greenhealth Approved seal.


The Greenhealth Approved seal is currently applicable to products meeting Safer Chemicals criteria including:

Products that improve on the categories* listed are being evaluated for inclusion. As the program expands, other sustainability factors may be included and evaluated.

*For products that address a different sustainability issue or are not within one of the Greenhealth Approved categories, please complete the application. We will contact you to better understand your product(s).



The Greenhealth Approved vetting agreement outlines the responsibilities of the parties, term and termination, consequent licensing agreement, pricing, obligations, limitations of liability, and confidentiality.

The Greenhealth Approved licensing agreement includes many of the terms in the vetting agreement and also defines use of the Greenhealth Approved seal and related criteria. The licensing agreement contains requirements around product modifications and disclosures of such.


Revenue from Greenhealth Approved helps fund research and review of more products in the ongoing work to eliminate chemicals of concern and other undesirable product qualities.



Greenhealth Approved charges a fee for vetting that covers the review process. The fee is based on the number of product formulations reviewed regardless of the number of product SKUs. Products with proprietary ingredients require additional documentation and review, so may incur an extra fee.



The Greenhealth Approved seal is licensed for use on those products that have been approved through our vetting process. The fee for the license is charged annually.

Requirements and guidelines for use of the Greenhealth Approved seal

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