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Greenhealth Approved: Furnishings


Greenhealth Approved collaborates with Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) to ensure criteria vetting is sufficient while reducing data submission duplication. Therefore, manufacturer products submitted for the Greenhealth Approved license must first be BIFMA certified with the optional credit 7.4.4. This optional credit mirrors the Health Care Without Harm/Practice Greenhealth’s chemical criteria for furnishings and the legacy healthier hospital initiative.

The furnishings categories included in BIFMA certification, and eligible for the Greenhealth Approved seal, are:

  • Built-in and modular casework
  • Panels and partitions
  • Seating (chairs, stools, sofas, benches, recliners, loungers, etc.)
  • Storage units and shelving (cabinets, filing cabinets, dressers, drawers, shelves, etc.)
  • Systems (multi-component furniture systems)
  • Work surfaces (tables, desks, overbed tables, etc.)


Products bearing the Greenhealth Approved seal for furnishings must meet all of the following:


  1. Greenhealth Approved will only license products that are applicable for use in a health care setting.

  2. Greenhealth Approved will only license Furnishing products that have met all applicable federal regulations.

  3. Products must be sold in the United States to receive the Greenhealth Approved seal.*

  4. Products are within the Furnishings categories, listed above.

  5. BIFMA Level certification with the Optional Credit 7.4.4, which includes the criteria of Health Care Without Harm’s Healthy Interiors.

  6. If there are products that are included in the categories listed above, but not part of the BIFMA Level Certification group, a manufacturer may enlist the BIFMA auditor to review these additional products against the criteria of section 7.4.4. Audit documentation of achievement for this credit allows for the use of the Greenhealth Approved license for those products.

  7. Signing of an affidavit confirming that each product conforms with Health Care Without Harm’s Healthy Interiors criteria, and that all information is true and correct is required.


* For products that are not listed, please complete the application and select “other” for product type where prompted. We will contact you to evaluate if category expansion is appropriate and in alignment with our mission.

** If your product is not sold in the United States, please complete our application so we can connect you with international opportunities to work with our organization.

If you would like to view the supplier application questions prior to using the link to complete the online form, we have provided a copy here

Apply for the Greenhealth Approved seal


  1. 1

    Complete BIFMA certification including Optional Credit 7.4.4.

  2. 2

    Download and complete the product information form listing only products that have above BIFMA certification.

    • Provide the requested information in each column for the products that are BIFMA certified with 7.4.4 Optional Credit.
  3. 3

    Access the Greenhealth Approved supplier application, answer the questions, and submit your product information form using the upload section.

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